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TRACKS Опубликовано 26-01-2018

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Do not miss this incredible chance to catch a glimpse of one the most isolated parts of mountainous Central Asia; the astonishing area around lake Karakul that has not been filmed for television prior to this documentary.

This remarkable journey will take us to Tajikistan; the Autonomous Province of Gorno-Badakhshan, to be more precise.
Environmental expert, Jamshed, is travelling via the twisted and uncertain "Pamir Highway" to investigate a possible threat to the natural water supplies of the area; glaciers shrinking.
The final point for the expedition is the exceptional Karakul lake, placed high in the Ak- Baikal pass, 4655 meters above sea level, where Jamshed is to meet with geologist Nasser Kundur Al- Fakhry.

Along the long and somewhat neglected "Pamir Highway," the crew makes stops to the famous hot springs of Garam Chashma; the 3000 year old, pre-historic petroglyphs of Langar, and the Yamchun Fortress from 12th century overlooking the entire Wakhan valley in Afghanistan.

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From the series "Lakes on the Roof of the World."


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