Otokonoko Compilation

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rabidmoth Опубликовано 20-04-2007

Описание ролика

This is a compilation of match highlights featuring Otokonoko, a Yoshimitsu player from Japan, and one of the top Yoshimitsu players in the world. Clips were taken from roughly 60 matches, most of which were 2006 SBO matches.

This is a low quality version due to YouTube's size limit.

The full quality version is now available for download at http://www.manjikai.com/podcast/get.php?web=y-podcast-2007-04-26-88885.wmv

Special thanks to Kazu-Yoshi-girl of the TekkenZaibatsu forums, check out her Yoshi podcast at http://www.manjikai.com/podcast/get.php?web=y-podcast-2007-04-26-88885.wmv

Please forgive the poor quality and crappy editing. This video was created using Windows Movie Maker, the worst video editing program to ever exist.

Featured songs:

Roll It Up by The Crystal Method
Starting Over by The Crystal Method
No Reason by Sum 41
Reach For The Sky by Social Distortion
The Way You Move by Outkast
Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly

I can be contacted as "Hasu" on the TekkenZaibatsu forums.

Feel free to flame my choice of music and complain about how you're 20 times better at Tekken than everyone in this video. Internets.