Bad Bunny pays it back to a deaf fan who loves to dance.

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Maroon 5
Maroon 5 Опубликовано 15-08-2018

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To Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny it’s no surprise that fans love dancing to his music. But even he’s shocked to find out that one of his biggest fans is deaf. Isadore never let losing one of his five senses at the age of 13 stop him from living his life to the fullest, and learned to dance to the beat of the vibration. And Bad Bunny’s music is his favorite beat. Now, Isadore’s launching a foundation to share his love for dance with others in the deaf community. What he doesn’t know? Bad Bunny’s in his hometown of Austin to crash his launch event with a live performance of his hit song “Sensualidad” – after Bad Bunny takes a little detour to a local Puerto Rican food truck to fuel up and treat the locals to “Chambea.”

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