Boohbah Full Episode Compilation! Episodes 1-4 💛 💙 💜

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Boohbah - WildBrain
Boohbah - WildBrain Опубликовано 29-04-2016

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Boohbah Full Episode Compilation! Episodes 1-4

Boohbah Episodes include:

Skipping Rope:
Come and bounce with the Boohbahs and do some funny folding. In Storyworld, Sister is skipping with a swirly skipping rope and soon everyone wants a turn. But can they all join in without getting in a twist?

Pearly Shells
Tone up with some Boohbah twists, and have fun hiding in a line. In Storyworld, Brother and Sister find some shells on the seashore. Can they spot the special shells and winkle out what’s inside?

Rope and Rock
Swing your arms and shape up with the Boohbahs and do the Push and Pull dance. In Storyworld, Grandmamma and Grandpappa discover a rope. Can they find out what is on the other end if they pull together?

Musical Pipe
Keep fit with some quick Boohbah action, and join in with their whirly weaving. In Storyworld, Mrs Lady finds a musical flute. The Storypeople take note and dance to her twirly tune.

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A British exercise show for toddlers from the creators of Teletubbies. Designed to be interactive, Boohbah encourages children to move, dance and create stories while exploring science, technology and fantasy.