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BBC Documentary Опубликовано 31-08-2019

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In Morocco, Rick enjoys couscous and tucks into the tagines and mint tea found in the bazaars. His Mediterranean travels end in south-eastern Turkey, where he feasts on kebabs.

Episode 6 of Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes
Inspired by 'good food that stays in the memory for a long time, sometimes forever', Rick Stein journeys across the Mediterranean, visiting islands and places which radiate a vibrant sense of individuality through their spirit, history and food. From spices and perfumes to the lavish use of wine and herbs, Mediterranean food is a large culinary mosaic full of colour, taste and smell created by the Arabs, Greeks, Italians, Spanish and Turks. Join Rick as he travels from Corsica to Crete, straight through the very cradle of cooking in the western world.

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