Two Timer with Celine Tran aka Katsuni

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Peach Farmer
Peach Farmer Опубликовано 31-10-2019

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Discover the taste of the amazing Celine Tran in that quick interview.
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We play #twotimer , a kind of peachy chat with our #peachstar @iamcelinetran ⁣
Celine Tran was the most recognized French charm icon in the world under the name Katsuni.⁣
She has received more 37 awards from all over the world.⁣
In 2013 she has been ranked among the 100 most influential women in France.⁣
⁣Today , Celine Tran is an actress, coach and author. She wrote Her autobiography, titled « Ne dis pas que tu aimes ça ».⁣

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